Nova Era & Nova Dimensão


Padrinho Alfredo

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This book includes Hinários Nova Era (The New Era) and Nova Dimensão (New Dimension), hymns received by Padrinho Alfredo. Bi-lingual edition.

About Padrinho Alfredo:

Alfredo Gregorio de Melo was born on January 7, 1950 in Juruá Valley, Brazil. He is the second son of Padrinho Sebastião and Madrinha Rita, after Padrinho Valdete. Alfredo was chosen, because of his leadership skills, administrative skills, as well as spiritual gifts, as the spiritual successor of Padrinho Sebastião. The most recent Hinários of Padrinho Alfredo, Nova Era and Nova Dimensão, coincide with the beginning of a new phase in the Doctrine, and deepen the spiritual messages of environmental preservation and respect for the earth.