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Works of the Santo Daime

The hymns of the Santo Daime tradition are organized into books called Hymnals or Hinários. Some collections contain hymns received by one person, while others are collections put together to reflect an intention, such as Healing, Concentration, Mediumship study, or Mass.

Concentration (Concentração): Blue Work

The Concentration is the first ritual that was revealed to Master Irineu. An essential part of the ritual is a silent, group meditation. Generally held on the 15th and 30th of every month, the Concentration provides an accessible ritual for participants to experience the Daime and be in communion from a space of meditation.

For this work it is common to sing a collection called The Concentration, which begins with Oração (Prayer) and ends with Cruzeirinho, the last hymns of Mestre Irineu.

Hinário: White Work

A ‘Hinário’ (collection of hymns) is sung and danced on important days of the Church Calendar. The Hinários that are sung are those of the spiritual leaders of the doctrine. Most of the dancing Hinário works take place during summer and winter festivals, which are aligned with the summer and winter solstices.

For these works it is common to sing O Cruzeiro: Mestre Irineu, O Justiceiro: Pd Sebastião, O Cruzerinho: Pd Alfredo, Padrinho Alex Polari and others.

Cura (Healing): Blue Work

The hymns that are sung during the Cura are powerful hymns in which spiritual entities are called upon to assist those in need of healing and support. As the Santo Daime religion has a strong syncretic nature, these entities have roots in the African spiritist traditions, the celestial constellations, the forces of nature, the earth-based traditions of the rainforest, Christian deities such as God the Father, the Holy Mother, Jesus Christ, and the angels and archangels.

For this work it is common to sing from a collection called Cura, which includes Oração, Cura Part I and Part II, as well as Cruzeirinho of Mestre Irineu. Other Hinários can be sang in the form of a Cura work, such as João Pedro, Madrinha Rita, or Padrinho Corrente.

Santa Missa (Holy Mass): Blue Work

The ‘Santa Missa’ (Holy Mass) given by Master Irineu is sung in memory of those who have passed over to the spiritual world, and especially for those who have passed in the previous month. The Mass is composed of many prayers and slow hymns and is sung on the first Monday of each month.

For this work there is a collection of hymns called Santa Missa or Holy Mass.


There are a number of other works, such as the Saint Michael healing works, various mediumistic works, White Table works, and Self Transformation works, among others, in which various other Hinários and collections are sung.