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The singing of hymns is a foundation of the rituals of the Santo Daime. While the hymns are mostly in Portuguese  (the language in which they were delivered)the essential nature of the message is vibrational and intimate. Opening oneself through calm inner focus to the experience of the musical teachings is a useful and grounding way to maximize the experience the Santo Daime offers. 

As people continue to participate in Santo Daime works, they may feel inspired to participate through singing. To do this, it is helpful to study and practice the hymns outside of works.

There are numerous places to listen to and study hymns.

One of the best ways to study and learn Portuguese is to listen. Do not worry that Portuguese is not your first language, but trust that overtime it will come more fluidly. There are tips on www.nossairmandade.com as to Portuguese vocabulary and pronunciation; a fun place to study Portuguese is duolingo.com.