Os Companheiros do Mestre – Volume 2


The Companions of Mestre Irineu

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This book includes the Hinários of João Periera and Maria Damião. Bi-lingual edition.

About the Companions of Mestre Irineu:

João Pereira was one of the earliest members of the Doctrine of Juramidam, born in Ceará in 1902. He served with Mestre Irineu and Germano in the Territorial Guard, joining Mestre in the 1930s. His Hinário, Seis de Janeiro, is honored as one of the five hymnals as the basis of the doctrine and held by Seu Luis Mendes and his son, Saturnino. João Pereira died in 1954 after serving as the General of Comfort’ in Mestre’s Church. Maria Damiåo, a short young white woman, was born in Belem do Para on November 4, 1910. She moved in the early 30s with her family to Rio Branco where she met Mestre Irineu. She raised several children as a widow, and supported the early works of Mestre. Maria Damião passed away on April 2, 1942 at the age of 32 after a sudden illness. Her Hinário, O Mensageiro, is honored during Finados and other celebrations.