Os Companheiros do Mestre – Volume 1


The Companions of Mestre Irineu

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This book includes the Hinários of Germano Guilherme and Antonio Gomes. Bi-lingual edition.

About the Companions of Mestre Irineu:

The Companions of Mestre, or Finados as sometimes called, are sung traditionally around Finados, or all Soul’s Day on November 1. Germano Guilherme was a black man born on May 28, 1902 in São João do Piauí and moved to Acre to work as a rubber tapper and farmer. He served in the Territorial Guard in Rio Branco with mestre Irineu, where they became close friends and first explored the Ayahuasca traditions together. He was one of the first followers of Irineu. Antonio Gomes da Silva was born in Ceará on April 30, 1885. He met Mestre Irineu in 1938 and received many blessings for his poor health, soon bringing his entire family to the doctrine. His Hinário is a rich and instructive hymnal that supports the mission of Mestre Irineu as a true universal school of love, unity, forgiveness and humility.